miraclemanbook3For those of you who are interested (and may not have heard already) Marvel Comics just announced, at the San Diego Comic Con, that they have purchased the rights to Marvelman (renamed Miracleman when Eclipse comics republished the book in the States) from the original creator Mick Anglo. Hopefully this finally ends the legal battle that has raged around Miracleman for over ten years now (see “Whatever happened to the man of Miracles” for more details.) However, I have yet to see a comment from Neil Gaiman, who was leading that fight, so I’m still waiting to see what this all means.

Marvel Comics seems like a very bizarre place for a book like Miracleman to wind up. I can’t imagine them taking the kind of risks with the book that Alan Moore and Eclipse comics did but it’s been years since I’ve worked with Marvel. They are under some new management, if Neil is still involved, then it could be the most innovative book Marvel has ever published.

For a much more in-depth look at this news, check out Stephen Bissette’s comments.