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Jason Temujin Minor has worked as a Comic Book artist, Game Developer, and Writer.

Jason's work in games has included two of the biggest Star Wars Massively Multi-player games of all time, STAR WARS GALAXIES and STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC for Bioware. He has worked as an Environment and Character artist, Concept and UI, Design and Story Development, and, eventually, took on more managerial responsibilities to become the Art Director for both Star Wars projects.

Jason's comic book career is most recognized by his work on THE BOOKS OF MAGIC, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, and DEADPOOL. However, he has worked on such diverse titles as BATMAN, X-MEN, VAMPIRELLA, ANIMAL MAN, SPIDERMAN, and the Eisner Award winning anthology THE BIG BOOK OF URBAN LEDGENDS. In 1997, writer Elaine Lee and Jason co-created the science fiction mini-series, BRAINBANX, for the short-lived Helix imprint of DC Comics.

In his personal time, Jason has been focusing on his writing. His short story, A DANCE IN THE WOODS, won the grand prize in the Pen 2 Paper writing contest. He also contributed a short story and several interior illustrations for the horror flash-fiction anthology, FLASHES OF FEAR. In 2011, after the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Jason organized, produced, edited, and published a three volume anthology set, showcasing the work of 87 writers and artists, called FABLES FOR JAPAN to raise money for the survivors. Jason contributed several stories and artwork for all three volumes.

Jason is currently working on his first novel.

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Artist, Writer, Art Director. I've worked in Comics, PC Games, and published several Anthologies. Some of my work includes TMNT, Deadpool, The Books of Magic, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Fables for Japan. I am working on my first Novel.

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